Why Altitude

Altitude Church is the continuation of what started as Living Faith Fellowship, which itself was a ministry outreach of a number of people who felt called to bring new life to an old church building in Wanatah.  The amazing story of how the building came to be available to them is shared in the testimony of Cliff Rice, one of the original members of the leadership team.

For several years, the team worked to prepare the building physically, cosmetically; cleaning, fixing, upgrading and renovating the 130+ year old building in Wanatah.  The Worship Center was modernized with an open platform-stage area, new sound system and replacing of pews with more comfortable and more easily movable chairs.  The lower level was redone to include improved kitchen facilities, new tables, chairs and finishing of the walls and ceiling.

While these important changes were made to improve some of the logistics of meeting in the building, there was a spiritual emptiness that needed to be filled.  We know the “church” isn’t a building, but instead the collection of all believers unified to live out the Gospel.  However, a building provides a means to meet, plan, worship, serve and many other parts of our roles.

This building had some history that had left it spiritually void.  One of the most exciting completions in the renovation process is a real feeling that God has consecrated this building again!  Person after person who has entered the building this year for a meeting, worship or even to do work have shared how they have been moved to know that the Spirit is actively leading and participating.

As a leadership team, we felt the efforts to reach this point were an important phase in the life cycle and the next phase should be defined in some way.  As we prayed for direction, several different things came together to led us to consider a name change.

This was no easy thing to hear, but we left ourselves open. For several months, the conversation and prayers gave us more affirmation a name change was right, but what name.  Finally, as several members of the team were talking about different elements the new direction should address, a single word mentioned in conversation struck all three simultaneously…


The word brought wonderful imagery of our individual and collective relationships with God.  Striving to grow closer to him… reaching higher.  There are so many pictures of God in the Bible that put Him in a higher place.   We prayed about it.  The word continued to grow as a unique way to set our vision and direction.

Altitude Church was announced to those who joined our December 2, 2012 Sunday Gathering.  The roll-out continues.  We are filled with anticipation and excitement to see where God leads this next phase in our individual and collective journey.

We invite you to join us to see where you might have a role
as we all reach higher with Altitude Church.